PHP script for direct quote requests
from a website

Open source PHP script for the company website. Interested persons can directly enter an offer request, which is displayed in CashCtrl as a draft.

The requests can be continued afterwards. The ingenious thing about it is that the contact data is already recorded and the request is already formulated.

Illustration of offers directly in CashCtrl

Quote request form

PHP script

Free PHP-Script for an offer request form on your website. Using the CashCtrl API, a new document "Offer request" is created in the program and the corresponding category is created.

It is no longer necessary to transfer contact data and manually enter a request. You have everything in one place and generate an offer directly from the request. Example for an offer request: 200720_Offertanfrage.pdf

Note: This script is only an example and can be adapted and extended by a web developer.

To use the script, please change the API Key and Organization (sub-domain) in the first two lines of the script.

Developed by: CashCtrl Team

Screenshot from CashCtrl demo website of a quote request via PHP
Last updated: 16.07.2020

Good to know:

- This is what a standard request looks like
- Additional fields can be added to the document to capture important information about your business case (a pastry chef needs different information than a garage)
- The document can be individualized via HMTL/CSS

Screenshot einer Offertenanfrage im Programm

Sharing with others, the open source idea

We can't open source our cloud software, but we can open source the extensions to it. They are free and available for everyone. Have you created your own CashCtrl developments, scripts or tools that might make the daily work of others easier?

Send them to us. We will gladly expand our offer and list them in the credits.