Cloud ERP, accounting and business management. Ideal for SME, trustees and freelancers. Invoices, evaluations, financial statements.
Successfully online since 2013.
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Advent calendar 2023

Poor rhymes, great prizes - on the Advent journey, we devise.
On social channels, where it's at - filling you with endorphins, that's fact.
No need for much, just a comment's cheer - bringing joy and fun, it's clear.

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New VAT rates

VAT increase from 01.01.2024

Remember to enter the new tax rates. The new tax rates can be found on the FTA website You can find the right tutorial for your bookkeeping by clicking on the button.

Zum Tutorial

Illustration VAT rate

What makes CashCtrl stand out

Simple and clear

CashCtrl is the simple Swiss business software for all applications and industries. Clear operation with professional standards.

Successfully Swiss

Developed in Basel, operated at various locations in Switzerland. CashCtrl has been on the market since 2013 and is used by small businesses and large institutions. The company is independent, the software contains no advertising.

Fair and realistic prices

Prices are set fairly so that SMEs can also benefit from the advantages of professional accounting software. That's why CashCtrl relies on a permanently free basic version.

Swiss Cloud

The accounting software runs platform independent in your web browser and is available everywhere. No installation or software maintenance required. You always use the latest version.


Fair handling of user data. Your data belongs to you and will not be resold or evaluated in any form. We earn our money exclusively from the sale of CashCtrl.

Extensible thanks to API

An extensive REST API enables the connection of other applications. This gives customers the freedom to develop their own workflows and are not bound to CashCtrl.

What our customers say about us
 Ich bin begeistert von Cashctrl, weil es so leicht zu bedienen ist.   Natascha Buck
Fleur de Sucre
 Ich habe diverse Buchhaltungsprogramme getestet und KEINES ist mit eurem vergleichbar - Auch dass ihr eine Free Variante anbietet, finde ich als Gründer / Start-up grossartig von euch. Vielen Dank!   Fabio Pitsch
 Grosses Kompliment für die super Buchhaltungssoftware, ich benutze diese für unsere Vereinskasse. Sie bietet alles was wir brauchen und ist zudem sehr einfach zu bedienen.  Rahel Herzog

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API documentation for developers

The CashCtrl API is REST oriented and uses JSON coded answers. But just have a look at the documentation.

API documentation

What is an API?

The term API means nothing to you? No problem, here are a few examples of what can be done with it.

Read more
Illustrierte Pflanzen in einem Topf.


Can I use CashCtrl without
previous knowledge?

To do your accounting with CashCtrl, basic accounting knowledge is required, particularly about double-entry bookkeeping.

What system requirements does CashCtrl have?

Since CashCtrl is purely an online software (software-as-a-service), there are only requirements for the web browser used:

Chrome 88 or higher, Firefox 85 or higher, Edge 88 or higher, Safari 15 or higher.

The Microsoft Internet Explorer (in all versions) is not supported.

Mobile browsers (on iOS, Android, etc.) are not supported currently. CashCtrl is functioning on mobile browsers, but without guarantee.

Does the software remain free of charge?

All the features that are available for free today will remain so in the future.

The software is developed further continuously, and while most new features will also be offered for free, specific advanced features will be reserved for the PRO account.

Also, the free version will only ever allow one user per organization, while PRO accounts have a user management interface. Of course, you can upgrade easily at any time.

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