What is an API, do I even need it?

An API is a software interface to which other programs can be connected. The programs communicate directly with each other via this interface without having to log into the graphical user interface.

This simplifies your work processes and provides you with a permanent time saving with a one-time effort. Accuracy is improved because significantly fewer errors can occur due to incorrect data entry.

Three application examples for an API

1. Request for quotation directly into the program

An API also offers you the possibility to integrate an offer request on your website. But not a form that sends an email to the sender, but a direct connection to CashCtrl.

Imagine that the visitors of your website can enter a request and send it. The form sends the request directly to CashCtrl and creates a new offer request in your account.

You continue the document directly and create an offer for the customer. All the customer's details, address, etc. are already recorded in the request. There is no need for a further inquiry, you answer directly with the offer.

This is how the quotation looks like in CashCtrl:

  Offer example.pdf

2. Connect online shop

Work becomes more complex if you run a Wordpress online shop and have to constantly check your inventory. Your webshop debits the inventory and creates invoices, but does not offer an accounting function. To maintain everything in two programs is time consuming.

If your shop is connected to the CashCtrl API everything runs in the same step. The customer checks out of the shop and the sales are immediately sent to CashCtrl. CashCtrl adjusts the stock levels and books everything directly in the accounting.

3. Adjust contacts

Address data from Outlook or Gmail are directly synchronized with a script. If you enter a new address it will be sent to CashCtrl and a new entry will be created. So you always have current address data in two programs. The process can be triggered automatically or manually.

Interested in a connection?

Talk to your It service provider about it. And send the following link to the documentation  https://app.cashctrl.com/static/help/en/api/index.html#intro

- CashCtrl PRO is a prerequisite for API use.
- You can test it free of charge for 30 days.

If you don't have anybody, we will help you to find someone.


What are the costs for a connection?

That depends entirely on the complexity of the solution. The effort varies from one day to several weeks. The CashCtrl API is versioned, i.e. all changes are clearly documented and traceable to keep the support effort on your side as low as possible.

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