Users and roles

In CashCtrl, very precise user roles can be set up to enable different accesses. Working in a team is thus simplified and each person has access to their area of responsibility. But let's take a closer look.

Screenshot Dialog Einstellungen einer Benutzer-Rolle in CashCtrl

1. Create a new role

A role for inventory management is to be created. The person only needs authorization to enter and change items.
Call up the menu via Settings/User & Roles/Roles. Either copy an existing role or add a new one. For example, the role Guest has read-only access and cannot enter data, but can look at everything. A good choice.

Screenshot of available users in a CashCtrl account.

Permissions briefly explained

The individual columns show the different types of access: All/Read/Create/Edit/Delete. CashCtrl does not specify which permissions to assign, that is up to you. However, certain configurations are mutually exclusive and therefore do not work. In case of doubt, please contact the support.
Or if you want to know it exactly look in the documentation.

Screenshot of exact user role management in CashCtrl.

2. Assign new permissions

So that the new role can operate only the inventory, all other permissions are removed. For the inventory area, all are selected. This way the person will only see the inventory area. Finish with Save.

Screenshot of a user role in CashCtrl.

3. Assign role

Now the role of a user can be assigned. You can either select an existing entry from the list or invite a new user. In the example, there is no administrator yet, so someone will be invited. Select the role via Add and enter the email address. Confirm with Invite user.

Screenshot dialog to invite new users.

4. Access created directly

CashCtrl automatically sends an email and informs the person that he has been invited. If there is no CashCtrl account under the email address, the software creates one immediately. The invited person does not have to create a new account to be able to work with CashCtrl. Confirm the token and off you go.
Be sure to change the password.

Screenshot of the sent email with password and access data for CashCtrl login.

5. Logged in view

And this is how the access looks afterwards. The role means that the person can only see and edit the inventory area. The same works for other areas like the contacts.


Screenshot of CashCtrl with reduced view.

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  • Cost centers
  • Foreign currencies (multi-currencies), with automatic exchange rates
  • Collective book entries

Custom fields

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  • Advanced reports: Cash flow statement chart, Key figures, Profit and loss statement staggered-form, Balance progression chart, Result by articles chart, Revenue by customers chart, Expense by vendors chart, Balance share chart, Cost center reports, Organizational chart, Text and image

Connections, import/export

  • REST API interface
  • Import bank transactions (ISO 20022 camt.052, camt.053, camt.054, MT940, ZIP, TAR)
  • Export reports to Excel and CSV

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