Attach PDF files (e.g. Terms & Conditions, etc.) to documents

With a simple function you can attach one-page or multi-page PDF files to documents in CashCtrl. Manually for one document or by category for all newly created documents. Here is a short overview how this works best.

For certain orders, general terms and conditions or other agreements are necessary. For example, general terms and conditions of service contracts, services of a subscription or further information about an offer.

To ensure that these are not forgotten and do not have to be sent manually each time, it is worth using the uniform function of CashCtrl.

Illustration: PDF file icons merge to one file

1. Attach PDF file to a category

Open the settings of the desired order category by clicking on "Configure" above the list. Or via Settings/Order categories. In the PDF tab, either drag and drop a file into the window or select one from your computer or file manager.

Confirm and finish with Save.

Attach PDF via settings/order categories

Now when a new invoice is entered, it will automatically receive the PDF file attached to the category. The attachment can be overridden if necessary and the file removed. The attachment is always attached at the very end of the PDF, i.e. also after the payment slip.

Terms and conditions change at certain intervals and must be updated. However, changing the category PDF has no effect on past documents. Once attached, PDF files remain linked to the document and do not change retroactively.

Screenshot: PDF file is finally attached

2. Attach a PDF file manually

If you always attach different PDFs (for example plans of an individual piece of furniture or an electrical installation) it is useful to do this manually. 

In the detail view of the document in the left area is the PDF tab. There you can drag and drop a PDF file or select it from the computer/CashCtrl file manager. That's it.

Manual PDF attachments are possible in CashCtrl.

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