Order processing is divided into documents and associated statuses. Each document can have its own status and posting templates. You determine the process flow. You also define posting templates, which are executed when a status is selected.

Desired workflow from the customer's perspective:

1. we prepare a quotation.
2. the customer accepts the offer.
3. order confirmation is sent (50% of the invoice amount is due with the order confirmation).
4. a payment on account is due and sent with the order confirmation.
5. delivery is sent with invoice (remaining amount)

1. Set up posting templates

The postings entered here can be used for actions in all statuses. Down payment and payment are exactly the same, but are thus displayed differently in the journal. Payment is already recorded as a standard posting.

2. Set up a quote

  • Draft/Open status does not trigger any postings.
  • Status Accepted does not trigger any bookings but asks if document order confirmation should be created.
  • Rejected status does not trigger any postings.

3. Order confirmation

  • Status Open does not trigger any postings.
  • Status Enter Down Payment also does not trigger any postings but asks whether an invoice should be created. Is selected after the first down payment has been transferred. This allows you to start the order.
  • Canceled status does not trigger any postings.

4. Set up invoice

  • Draft status does not trigger any postings.
  • Status In process posts the amounts and enters the first down payment. This status can also be called, for example, 1st payment or down payment. In work means that the down payment has been made and the order is being worked on.
  • Completed status means that the order has been completed. This document is sent to the customer. The second payment is due.
  • Status Cleared is created when the second payment is received. The order is completed.
  • Status Reminded Unsightly but occurs again and again.
  • Status Cancelled Cancels the order and enters a credit memo for the down payment.

Important: For the respective documents, we recommend working with text templates and using placeholders. In this way, the remaining amounts can be displayed on the invoice (here highlighted a little dramatically). The same also works for the down payment.

Operation in CashCtrl (always via "Next Step"):

A. Offer

1. offer is created as a draft and sent to customers by e-mail (CashCtrl sets the document to "Open")
2. customer accepts offer. (User sets offer to "Accepted", CashCtrl creates order confirmation)

B. Order confirmation

1. order confirmation with status "open" is sent to customer (With down payment note)
2. customer pays down payment.
3. user sets document to "Enter down payment (CashCtrl creates invoice document as draft)

C. Account

1. invoice with status "draft" is set to "in process" so that a down payment can be entered
2. down payment is entered, order is in processing and is set to "Completed" when finished
3. invoice is sent to customer
4. customer makes the final payment, invoice is set to "Offset" and a payment is recorded