Complete months, month-end closings

In CashCtrl not only fiscal-periods can be completed, but also individual months can be closed. Locked months can also be reopened. Here it is explained how to do it

1. Open complete dialog

The dropdown menu next to the calendar icon can be used to switch between the fiscal periods. Here you find the possibility to close fiscal periods or months. Click on  Complete months opens the dialog.


Complete months in CashCtrl

2. Select months

Here you can select the months to be completed. Only months of the opened fiscal period can be selected. Use the checkboxes to select the desired months and Save - Done.

Selecting the desired months that should be completed

Good to know:

Book entries in completed months can no longer be modified. This is the purpose of the month-end closing. However, closed months — similar to closed fiscal periods — can be reopened. Then book entries of this period can be edited again or new book entries can be added.

If All years is selected as the period, individual months cannot be closed.

Here you can find more information about the year-end closing

Months cannot be selected if All years is selected.