CashCtrl is not an industry software, but your own software solution.

Every company, every industry has different needs for a software solution. It is important that a programme can be adapted and configured well so that work can be done efficiently. CashCtrl is agile and offers a lot of scope for own ideas with additional fields in CashCtrl. This means that new fields can be created and worked with in many places in the accounting programme.

Most of the time, a software fits 95% of the company's workflow. Because no two companies are alike and have identical workflows, it is normal to make compromises. Not every order form is the same, every report identical.

So here and there we improvise and write information in a field that is not designed for it or is not suitable for it. Or the software is too comprehensive and there are too many fields, which doesn't help the overview either. With the appropriate budget, it is possible to realise your own developments - but that can also be done differently.

Specific fields are drawn on paper to plan the softwares structure.

Example 1: A software cannot be adapted to your needs

Your company offers maintenance/service work for technical equipment. For this, detailed information on equipment and installations is needed. Version, model number, contact person on site, past installation work, spare parts, etc. If previous programmes have left you too little room to set up, CashCtrl will fit the bill. 

CashCtrl is different and has few limitations. Create a new field, enter data and display it on the invoice document/report. Because you are a professional in your field, and know exactly what is needed and what is not.

Individual additional fields for a service company
Screenshot of a conversion for a service company in the technical field.

Example service provider for pumping stations: All fields can be named and sorted.

Example 2: Not in the mood for an industry solution? Why not build your own?

Specialised software is often expensive and not an option for smaller businesses. A fraction of the functions is sometimes enough. These functions can be created with additional fields independent of the industry.

So approach it with a new mindset: think about how your processes are and record them. Contact us and we will evaluate together whether this can be mapped in CashCtrl. In this way, the software can be adapted to your own needs at a fair price.

Example of a garage solution document in CashCtrl
Screenshot of a garage software implementation, workshop solution in CashCtrl.

Example garage software, workshop solution: Own vehicle fields can be created, sorted, filtered and displayed on the invoice.

Screenshot of association conversion: Fields for bee colonies and membership type are easy to convert.

Example association conversion: Fields for bee colonies and membership type are easy to convert and can be filled in for all new members.

Screenshot of an individual invoice document for a loan offer.

Example loan offer: On an individual invoice document, the additional fields (dates from to when) are automatically listed in the item description.

Client portrait

Werbepool Thunersee Region: «You can always rely on the support.»

Anyone who has ever stood on the Niesen knows the spectacular panorama that awaits you up there at 2,362 meters above sea level. CashCtrl does not offer such panoramas - but a good overview.

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The Niesenbahn during the ascent. Photographer: Chris Dittmer

All CashCtrl PRO features in detail

All CashCtrl FREE features

Order processing

  • Extensive order processing incl. dunning process
  • Sales: Offers, order confirmations, delivery notes, invoices, reminders, credit notes
  • Purchase: Requests, orders, incoming goods, invoices, credit notes, return slips

Custom documents and processes

  • The entire workflow is extendable and customizable according to your needs.
  • Send invoice directly by e-mail, with preview
  • Create your own document templates for PDFs with powerful HTML and CSS editor

Multiple clients

  • Manage multiple users & roles, with different access rights
  • Manage multiple organizations, clone organization

File attachments / document uploads

  •  1 GB Swiss cloud storage included. Expandable without limitation.


  • Cost centers
  • Foreign currencies (multi-currencies), with automatic exchange rates
  • Collective book entries

Custom fields

  • Create unlimited custom fields (for inventory, orders and people)


  • Advanced reports: Cash flow statement chart, Key figures, Profit and loss statement staggered-form, Balance progression chart, Result by articles chart, Revenue by customers chart, Expense by vendors chart, Balance share chart, Cost center reports, Organizational chart, Text and image

Connections, import/export

  • REST API interface
  • Import bank transactions (ISO 20022 camt.052, camt.053, camt.054, MT940, ZIP, TAR)
  • Export reports to Excel and CSV

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