With individual document templates for offers, invoices and other documents, the uniform corporate identity is guaranteed

Document templates can be applied to different documents, regardless of whether it is a quote, invoice, order confirmation, delivery note or rental slip.

Due to programming in HTML/CSS, the scope for individuality is (almost) limitless. Custom fields can also be displayed. If support is needed, ask us without obligation, we will put your personal template into practice.

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Templates and letters

Set up your own templates and assign these to different order categories – e.g. a template for invoices, another one for offers, etc. Letters without line items can also be created with CashCtrl.

For more elaborate corporate design drafts, use the "Stationery" and place an already designed PDF in the background.

A selection of personalized templates
Screenshot of a custom invoice template created in CashCtrl for a fictional loft.

Single page invoice with QR code. View PDF

Screenshot of a custom invoice template created in CashCtrl for a photographer

Elegant two page invoice with QR payment part on the second page. View PDF

Screenshot of a custom invoice template created in CashCtrl for a service company

Invoice with displayed info from Custom fields. View PDF

Screenshot of a custom quotation template created in CashCtrl for a bike shop

Quotation with deposited letterhead. View PDF

Screenshot of a rental agreement from CashCtrl for a real estate company

Rental agreement for a real estate company. View PDF

Screenshot of a donation receipt from CashCtrl for a club

Donation receipt for a dog club. View PDF

HTML/CSS for pros

With the HTML and CSS editor, skilled users have the power to make all kinds of adjustments. Information inserted into custom fields can be used as a placeholder in HTML code.
We are happy to help you set up individual documents with HTML/CSS.

Screenshot of the HTML/ CSS editor for document templates in CashCtrl

Document template upon your draft from CHF 220.-

We create a document template with HMTL/CSS according to your specifications. From CHF 220.- for a single-page document.

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Batch of different personalized document templates

In a nutshell. Document templates with CashCtrl means:

  • Almost unlimited possibilities through HTML/ CSS editor
  • Define an individual template for each order category
  • Have individual template created by CashCtrl AG

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