Automatic bookings and repetitions

Subscriptions, monthly invoices and repetitive transactions can be efficiently processed in CashCtrl. The software reminds you when new invoices have been created and can be sent. It is also possible to create 30 transactions at once - but more about that in the tutorial.

1. Create repeating document/invoice

The following setting works the same for all document categories. First enter an invoice normally with positions. Then click on the at the bottom left.

Screenshot invoice dialog with individual positions

2. Set up repetition

In the Recurrence dialog then make the desired settings. The document should be created 5 days before the due date. Once the document is created, CashCtrl sends an email to the user Maria Muster.

The email contains a note that new repeating documents have been created. Only one mail per day is sent, which summarizes all documents/invoices. So users always know when new invoices are available.

Screenshot repeat dialog

Then continue and finish the document with Apply/Save and Open. If something is to be modified in the repetition, this can be done via the editing dialog of the document or in the job overview.

Screenshot Rechnung in der Detailansicht.

3. Edit repetitions of order documents

In the order overview under More/Repeats of order documents all active repeats can be viewed. Double-clicking on one opens the same dialog as from the invoice dialog.

Screenshot overview of the orders with a repetition.

4. Repeating bookings

The configuration of single bookings is identical to that of invoices or documents.

Screenshot booking dialog with single booking

Enter repetitive bookings for the whole year

The Repeat function can also be used to create a large number of entries with one click. If the first execution date is in the past, after saving all (in the example monthly) bookings will be created up to the current date.

Screenshot recurrence dialog with monthly recurrence

This then looks as follows in the overview. A document has been created for each month.
Thus, regular bookings and recurring invoices for subscriptions, etc. can also be created directly and without much effort in a past period. The same applies to documents.

Screenshot journal overview with a large number of created entries.