Terms of payment and cash discount

With posting and text templates can be used in CashCtrl discount.

1. Create a text template

Enter a standard text with one of the desired terms of payment. CashCtrl cannot yet create a (Q1 2020) calculation based on the total. Either you could calculate the amounts or just give the customer the rates.

Create an invoice and send it to the customer.

2. Enter payment

The payment arrives after less than 10 days and 3% discount is already deducted. Enter the payment with next step Paid and enter the amount transferred. Then confirm with Save.

The payment can be entered in different ways, the important thing is simply to enter the actual amount received.

3. Book a cash discount

Press next step discount again to open the booking dialog. The cash discount posting template is opened. The outstanding amount is already filled in. Discount is posted to 3800 reduction in earnings by default.

This means that no more amounts are open.

4. How can the bookings be viewed?

The document can be selected in the overview and the booking window can be called up via bookings.