TeamKMU founder Kaspar Hofer:
"The support is 1a"

Our partner teamKMU is an Enterprise customer from the very beginning and has been using CashCtrl as accounting software for years. The Enterprise version allows them to set up their own access for customers and to respond to their wishes.

Photo: TeamKMU headquarters in Sigriswil

The Digitals of Sigriswil

Kaspar Hofer (standing, smiling nicely :-) is the owner of "teamKMU", a "classic fiduciary office", as he says himself. In recent years, however, his family-run pad with three employees and based in idyllic Sigriswil on Lake Thun has taken a big step forward.

"We have completely committed ourselves to digitalization and rely almost exclusively on cloud solutions to bring the exchange with our customers to an uncomplicated and contemporary level," explains the certified accountant and specialist in finance and accounting.

Cozy teamKMU headquarters in Sigriswil

Tailored offerings thanks to cloud approach

Gone are the days when companies delivered their boxes full of invoice and expense receipts to the trustee every quarter so that business performance could be computerized and financial statements prepared.

"Thanks to the cloud approach, we can now provide customized offerings: We support our customers where they actually need it. Some post their payments in the accounting software independently and we take over specific task areas, others are happy to have us do the entire financial management for them right away."

Exterior view of TeamKMU headquarters in Sigriswil

Super fast, trouble-free application

The accounting software mentioned that "teamKMU" has chosen is CashCtrl. Kaspar has solved CashCtrl Enterprise. This allows him to set up a separate access for each of his customers.

The customers can then decide for themselves how much they want to use the application or which activities they want to delegate to "teamKMU".

"CashCtrl meets exactly the requirements that are important to us: The software runs super fast and trouble-free, you can access it online from anywhere, the operation is easy and strongly configurable to individual needs. In addition, the user fee is fair in relation to the service," Hofer states.

View from the Justistal to the Lake Thun

Rapid feedback for questions

As far as accounting software is concerned, he is a burnt child. Before CashCtrl, he said, he and his company used another provider in Switzerland. "It was, in a nutshell, a disaster. Sometimes the program didn't work, or the support service didn't respond to our requests for days."

With CashCtrl, he says, email support is "1a." Kaspar appreciates the quick feedback he always receives. In addition, the CashCtrl team can be given suggestions for improvement at any time, which are then incorporated into the development process and in some cases actually implemented. "This spirit is great.

Photo: Bärenplatz (Bear Square) in Sigriswil

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