Option total / subtotal

Offers can include different offer options or alternatives. To easily summarize the options, CashCtrl offers the option total and subtotal.

1. Create an offer

You can create a quote as usual via the "Orders" menu. Add different positions to the offer. In the example, we give a discount for different quantities. Therefore we create two positions with different quantities.

2. Insert option total or subtotal

Use the arrow key next to the Add field to access the dropdown menu. There you can select option total, subtotal or a page break. We choose here as an example the option total

3. Difference between option total and subtotal

While the subtotal adds all positions above the total, the option total only adds the positions above the total up to the next total.

The option total or subtotals can still be moved to another row afterwards by drag & drop.

4. Result

This is how the result looks in our example with option and subtotal. While the first option (position 1 and 2) costs CHF 500 in total, we grant a 10% discount on option 2 (position 3 and 4) due to the higher quantity. The second option totals CHF 4500. The example shows that the subtotal sums all positions above, while the option total sums only the positions up to the option total above.