Using option totals and subtotals

Tutorial: Quotes can include different offer options or variants. To represent this in offers, CashCtrl provides an option and intermediate total.


  1. Create offer
  2. Insert option total or subtotal
  3. Difference option total / subtotal
  4. Finish / Result
Screenshot of the Create order dialog with inserting an option total

1. Create offer

Create a new offer in the Orders module via Add. Again via Add in the dialog now add positions, titles, texts and page breaks to the offer. In the example, a quantity discount is granted for different quantities. Therefore, two positions of the same article with different quantities are created.

Screenshot of the dialog window for creating a new offer

2.Insert option total or subtotal

Select the option total and subtotal using the dropdown on the Add button. Both are used here for demonstration.

Screenshot of the Add order dialog with dropdown for option and subtotal

3.Difference between option total and subtotal

While the subtotal adds all positions above, the option total adds only the positions above the total up to the next total above.

The option or subtotals can still be arranged at any time by drag & drop.

Screenshot of an offer with many positions and inserted option totals and subtotals

4.Finish / Result

Finish the offer with Save & Open. The screenshot shows the result of the offer with an option total and subtotal. While the first option (position 1 and 2) costs CHF 500.- in total, 10% discount is granted on option 2 (position 3 and 4) due to the higher quantity. The second option adds up to CHF 4500.-.

The example shows that the subtotal totals all positions above, while the option total totals only the positions up to the option total above.

Screenshot of the finished offer with option total and subtotal