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CashCtrl offers one of the largest, if not the largest functional range of a free accounting software based in Switzerland.

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There are many things that might keep founders of start-ups up at night during the early stages, but accounting is unlikely to be one of them – everything revolves around the passion for the product. Accounting is little more than a nuisance, a task that distracts from actual business. Nevertheless, it pays off to already think about bookkeeping during the early stages of founding a start-up – before it requires great effort and costs to sort out the resulting chaos. CashCtrl is the easy-to-understand accounting software that helps you keep an overview. Right from the start.


Save money through correct accounting

Even though accounting is not directly considered an operational activity, there are three compelling reasons not to neglect it either:

Tax returns

At the end of the year, the company tax return must contain all income and expenditures. Taxes must be paid on the profit that the company realised. With accurate and clear accounting, all expenses can be set-off properly. As a result, the realised profit is driven down to the lowest possible level, which in turn reduces the tax burden. Accurate accounting saves you money!


If all income and expenses are recorded within the accounting framework, they can then be analysed during the controlling process. This helps to, for example, identify excessive cost increases at an early stage; moreover, it makes it easy to recognise which products/services are most profitable. These findings can help guide a start-up during the further orientation process.

VAT invoicing

Companies which are subject to VAT must invoice VAT every quarterly period, and make sure that they pay it on time. The VAT statement must be recorded accurately and accounted for in a punctual and correct manner – child's play, with the right accounting software solution.


The name of this solution? CashCtrl

You probably have an overview of your finances, but you only begrudgingly commit yourself to getting it all sorted – or perhaps your core competences lie elsewhere? However, when you're working hard on building your start-up, you must also gain relevant accounting skills. You need to find accounting software that allows you to automate as many processes as possible, using as little effort as possible – after all, you want to focus on your core business.

CashCtrl offers you the ideal solution. The free accounting software convinces through its sophisticated features and user-friendliness. Even beginners will easily manage all accounting duties within their start-up. Keep everything organised from the get-go, so you have the peace of mind to dedicate yourself completely to developing your business. Just try it!

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