The perfect accounting software for small businesses, SMEs and Ltd.

CashCtrl is an independent Swiss business software with FIBU, evaluations and API connection. It is offered in different versions. A large free offer without restrictions completes the offer and offers an entrance for everyone.

As a small business owner you dedicate all your energy and time to your business. For the (unpleasant?) bookkeeping there is usually little time and budget left. CashCtrl offers a perfect solution - a big bunch of useful functions, in a reduced design, completely independent of time and place, whenever you want.

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CashCtrl, the business software from the cloud

CashCtrl is an online business software, i.e. a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS). You log in via your browser (Firefox, Edge, Chrome, Safari, etc.) and work as if you were working with an installed program on your computer.
Developed and hosted in Switzerland, CashCtrl offers everything you need to successfully manage your accounting - intuitive to use, independent of location and time.

CashCtrl FREE: Free of charge, free of advertising and without hooks

The majority of the software is available with CashCtrl FREE free of charge and without advertising. No usage data or content is sold to third parties or analyzed in any form. Your data belongs to you, CashCtrl respects this.

We earn our money by selling CashCtrl PRO/Enterprise and run CashCtrl FREE because we can and because we are convinced that not everything has to cost something.

Which functions are available free of charge?

The most important functions for small businesses in the free version include double-entry bookkeeping, contact management and accounts payable and receivable accounting with QR invoice and GiroCode.

Double-entry bookkeeping with annual accounts
Double-entry bookkeeping is of utmost importance in the private sector and in financial accounting it is indispensable for you as a small business owner. Book throughout the year and close the accounting period at the end of the year. Everything simple and coherent.

Address and person management
Networks are elementary for small businesses. Managed in a structured way, you will find what you are looking for - also thanks to useful filters.

QR invoices with QR or GiroCode
Managed simply and efficiently, with your own logo if desired and stored as a PDF file - this makes managing accounts payable and accounts receivable fun.

The added value of CashCtrl
A competent team is always there for you, responds to your questions and concerns and strives to make CashCtrl better and better.

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CashCtrl PRO: Agile, multi-client capable, advertising free and without any hooks

CashCtrl PRO, the payment version of the business software (CHF 290.- /year) includes practically all functions that are available. New ones are constantly being developed and are automatically available.

Which functions are available in CashCtrl PRO

Order processing
Process offers, delivery bills and invoices, create your individual workflow with your own documents.

Import of bank transactions
Bank transactions can be automatically imported as MT940 or camt.052/camt.053/camt.054 files. An intelligent algorithm recognizes the entries and automatically suggests the correct entries.

User & Role Administration
Work of different users with CashCtrl? No problem! With CashCtrl PRO you can assign different rights to several users.

API connection
Connect e.g. webshop or address database with CashCtrl and let the two applications exchange data automatically.

Foreign currencies
Create accounts in different currencies, make payments in foreign currencies - exchange rates are automatically adjusted.

Send documents by e-mail
Invoices and other documents can be sent to customers by e-mail directly from the program - saving paper, effort and money.

Own document templates
Design your individual invoices and your personal stationery with HTML and CSS editor.

Own additional fields
Create your own additional fields, according to your needs and as many as you like.

What are the advantages of CashCtrl compared to other online accounting programs?

CashCtrl is developed and hosted in Switzerland, therefore the quality of the product is very high. This is complemented by a competent customer service - we take you and your feedback very seriously. We strive to constantly develop and advance CashCtrl together with you.

Even in the free version CashCtrl offers an incredible range of functions. Should these not be enough for your purposes, the Pro Version offers even more tools to handle accounting professionally and quickly.

Why is CashCtrl for me as small business owners the right thing?

As a small business owner you need an accounting tool that is easy to use and keeps your finances under control. CashCtrl provides you with the necessary skills to do so.

Time is probably a scarce commodity for you as a small business owner. Keeping the accounts online makes you independent of time and place and thus saves time. In addition, the free version of CashCtrl is completely free of charge, which saves your budget - a convincing solution for your SME!