Accounting for Digital Nomads. Our online accounting software is the solution for all digital nomads.

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Is the world your home? Do you work from the beach, airplane or a coworking space under palm trees? Then you need a web-based accounting tool that works the same way - location-independent, flexible and free.

6 reasons why an online accounting software is the right thing for DN's is

Independence of location

As a prospective digital nomad, you live independent of time and place. And that only works if the tools you use can be handled in the same way. Having an appointment with the accountant in your city is inappropriate if you travel around the world the majority of the year.


Especially in the start-up phase as a self-employed person, it is important to keep your expenses as low as possible. Very few digital nomads can afford expensive consultations in this regard. Free online accounting software is a good option. If your requirements increase over time, you can upgrade to the PRO version.


Your online accounting software always has time! No matter whether it's the middle of the night, a holiday or Sunday. Whenever you are ready, your software is ready too! So the greatest possible flexibility for digital nomads.

Direct contact

You have a question? You have a request? You are missing a function, or don't understand something? Support is there for you and will answer all your technical questions - as quickly as possible. The goal is to provide you with the best possible support for your online work.

No paperwork

When using a web-based accounting tool, no annoying paperwork accumulates, all documents are stored digitally. That's handy for digital nomads - you don't want to collect your documents in a shoebox and carry them around with you. Another important plus: resources are conserved.

Time savings through automation

Accounting is associated with boredom and most digital nomads want to spend as little time as possible on it. Online accounting software saves you a lot of time - many functions run automatically and do not have to be entered manually. The time saved means you can devote more time to your work-life balance.

Who needs online accounting software?

Doing your bookkeeping online is a good idea for anyone who moves in the vastness of digital nomadism. Especially for those who do their business independent of location and office, for example from a coworking space. That could be:

  • Bloggers, YouTube Man
  • Social media and marketing experts
  • Content - Author
  • Translators
  • Graphic and web designer
  • Software Developer
  • photographers
  • Self-employed

The online accounting software is location-independent, flexible and free - your perfect business partner!

Are you unsure whether you need this tool or whether the functions suit you? The online accounting software is free, just try it out and get your own impression! You have nothing to lose.

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 Euer Support ist wirklich erste Sahne. Macht weiter so.  Christoph Stückenschneider
Haus Bergfriede Wallis
 Wir benutzen CashCtrl für die Buch­haltung unserer Einzel­firma. Die Software lässt sich einfach und intuitiv bedienen. Zudem sind die Daten orts­unab­hängig über das Internet überall verfügbar.  Hans-Peter Lässer
Claudia Lässer Productions
 Bravo pour votre software, il est très bien construit, à la fois ludique et complet ! Probablement le meilleur programme de comptabilité gratuit ! Merci infiniment à la team CashCtrl !   Francfort Thibault