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Reliable, accessible and with a nice support, CashCtrl thus offers a perfect solution for managing your business.


Looking for an online accounting software that costs nothing and works reliably? CashCtrl has been on the market since 2013 and offers a wide range of functions - for SMEs, fiduciaries and self-employed. Thousands of customers from Switzerland and Europe trust us.

The operation is financed exclusively by the sale of CashCtrl PRO, the more extensive paid version and voluntary contributions from the community. Never through the sale of user data.

Funktionen der kostenlosen Version

Double-entry bookkeeping

Double-entry accounting is at the core of CashCtrl. In financial accounting worldwide, double-entry bookkeeping is of elementary importance. Manual as well as automatic bookings can be entered in the journal.

Accounts Receivable / Accounts Payable Invoices

Create QR invoices and add your own logo to them. This way you can convince your customers with a uniform appearance. The documents are stored in the CashCtrl Cloud and are available to you from anywhere. The clear design creates order in your accounting and you can quickly find what you are looking for.

Item and asset management

With this tool you have the possibility to maintain your inventory, to arrange it according to your needs, as well as to choose the depreciation type for fixed assets - CashCtrl takes care of all the rest.

QR invoice Screenshot

People and address management

People directory and address book - both are indispensable for your business. With CashCtrl's free accounting program, you can optimally manage your contacts and never lose track of them thanks to useful filters.

Real-time reports

Thanks to CashCtrl reports you can keep track of your finances and where you stand with your business. With reports such as "Sales by customers" and many others, you evaluate and plan business development.

Annual report and VAT

At the end of the year you prepare the annual report with income statement and balance sheet. The owed VAT/Sales tax CashCtrl shows directly and displays it clearly.

Screenshot CashCtrl financial statements in the software.

Grow together, provide the best support.

We want to support you in the best possible way and are constantly expanding the free CashCtrl accounting software. You can always see our current goals in the roadmap.

Do you have a request? Do you miss a function or need support? As a customer you have the possibility to get involved and send us suggestions for improvement. We are striving to make CashCtrl better and better. We are looking forward to your feedback!

CashCtrl FREE clearly stands out from the competition with its extensive functions and diverse services. Completely free of charge and easy to use, CashCtrl FREE supports you in your accounting - anytime and anywhere in the world. Developed and hosted in Switzerland, CashCtrl stands for Swiss values such as security, order and absolute reliability. If you have any questions or concerns, you can rely on a competent service team.

CashCtrl FREE is your reliable accounting partner, try out the free program without obligation!

Free of charge - The CashCtrl FREE Version is and remains free of charge!

Swissmade - 100% developed and operated in Switzerland

Security - 256-bit SSL encryption and server location in Switzerland

Location independence - access from anywhere in the world, wherever you are
Conclusion: CashCtrl FREE the reliable partner for your business!

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All CashCtrl FREE features in detail

Invoices & inventory

  • Sales / purchase invoices, invoice document as PDF
  • Inventory: (stock) articles, services, fixed assets (with automatic depreciation)
  • QR invoice Switzerland and Europe (GiroCode)
  • Automatic recurrence of invoices (e.g. subscriptions)
  • Import of articles from Excel/CSV


  • Journal of book entries (double-entry bookkeeping, with debit and credit)
  • Account journal / statement (with balances), Incoming/ outgoing book entries on single account
  • Account management with categories (chart of accounts), definable targets (budgets)
  • Automatic recurrence of book entries


  • People / address management (for customers, vendors, employees, with categories)
  • Import of people from vCard, Excel or CSV files

Support and documentation

  • Help: Searchable manual and context help, also available as PDF
  • Tutorials for all topics on the Website
  • Support requests and suggestions for improvement directly from within the application

Sales tax and reports

  • Automatic booking of sales tax / VAT / input tax; with tax report
    incl. support for net / flat tax rates
  • Interactive reports: Balance sheet, profit & loss statement, targets, sales tax, open debtors / creditors, revenue by customers, expense by vendors, result by articles, result by articel per person, account statements, chart of accounts, balance list, book entry lines
  • Individual report compilations (sets)

Software configuration

  • For all views: Export to PDF, Excel and CSV (incl. filtered views)
  • Search, filter and sort in every view
  • Flexibly configurable sequence numbers (article no., invoice no., etc.)
  • Organization with logo (displayed on PDFs)
  • Multiple locations managable (e.g. branches, warehouses) for your organization


  • Multi-lingual

  • User interface in 2 languages (English, German)

  • PDF documents (invoices, reports, etc.) in 4 languages (English, German, French, Italian)

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Financial accounting, accounts receivable, accounts payable, articles, reports. Have accounting under control and successfully manage your company.

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CashCtrl PRO: The comprehensive online accounting with file manager and order management.

FIBU, foreign currencies, 1GB storage for data, bank imports. Successfully on track with all functions.

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