Simplify your workflow with the CashCtrl API

Through our API, customers have the opportunity to greatly expand the functionality of their own applications. Webshop, CRM, quotations or time recording tools, can be combined and own solutions can be developed.

Moving forward together

The CashCtrl API gives you a lot of freedom to develop your own ideas. You do not need to use all functions, you can use only parts of the application, it is up to you. Whether you want to generate QR invoices or connect offer requests via website, everything is possible.

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Improve workflows, optimize time

The technical advantages of an API are obvious. Workflows can be improved, accuracy can be increased and the susceptibility to errors can be reduced. In addition, time is permanently saved for recurring tasks and workflows become more orderly. Due to the versioned connection, the operating expenses are kept as low as possible and are documented in a very comprehensible way.

The API is organized around REST and has clear resource-oriented URLs. It accepts form-coded requests, returns JSON-coded responses and uses standard HTTP response codes.

The API can be tested free of charge. Just register, activate PRO Demo and create API user    CashCtrl documentation.

Versatile and generic structured

CashCtrl hardly limits the workflow and offers a lot of configuration possibilities. For example there are no fixed document categories, everything is freely definable. A lot of additional fields with own values can be configured in many areas of accounting. This allows detailed order forms or item descriptions. This combined with the API is a powerful tool at a manageable annual price.

CashCtrl PRO is required to use the API.

Why should I use CashCtrl with my business and use the API?

You have a direct contact person. Support requests reach us, the developers, directly. Send us your input, make suggestions for improvement - we have an open ear and a real interest that you can realize your project and be successful with your business.



What our customers say about us in German
 Benutzerfreundliches und übersichtliches Tool mit extrem praktischer Rechnungsfunktion.   Manuel Maisch
 Ich habe viele Sachen ausprobiert und - gerade für Schweizer Verhältnisse - ist es die mit Abstand beste Lösung.   L. Hauser
HAN TONG - Chinesisch-Schule für Kinder
 Bin nach 1 Jahr Nutzung wirklich froh, mich für euch entschieden zu haben. Tolles Programm!  Patrick Zimmermann