This is how easy it is to create invoices.

5 good reasons why invoices in CashCtrl can save a lot of time.

Still doing it manually?

If you create and send invoices in Indesign or Word, CashCtrl might be a good alternative for you. Invoices are automatically posted and take care of a large part of the accounting over the year. By the way, you can always see where your company stands with reports and evaluations.

These are just two of the many advantages of working with cloud accounting software.

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1. Ingenious tabular overview

Even with only a handful of invoices per month, a few accumulate over the year. Organizing the files in folders on the hard disk and filing them by year is a very rudimentary way to keep track. Comparing an old invoice with a new one is bumpy. 

Clever filters and full-text search help and make it easier to find what you are looking for. The column view in CashCtrl provides a good overview of all data and documents. Columns can be arranged and displayed freely.

Good overview of the invoice documents

2. Nice and correct invoice documents. 

Always copying and changing the last invoice is time-consuming and error-prone. It is easy to leave an incorrect account number or to address a person in an unfavorable way.

It is better to work with text templates that set many details automatically and take over everything important from the address entry. Items are selected from the inventory and listed on the invoice. Step by step, you create invoices more and more efficiently and in a professional, uniform language.

Using text templates is simple and avoids typos.

3. Continue invoice from quote

Linking a quote to an invoice is not so easy on the desktop. Saving all files in one folder is moderately convenient. It is easier if a document is created only once and then continued in a dossier. Quotations, order confirmations and invoices are all connected and clearly assigned. One click generates the next document.

View of the "Continue as" drop-down menu.

4. Evaluations and reports

The account balance is an indicator, but not the only number to be set to for evaluations. If invoices are managed in CashCtrl, everything is continuously recorded. Which customers bring in the most revenue? Where are still outstanding amounts? The accounting software provides all current figures and generates reports from them.

We dare to say that it is even fun to analyze your figures and track your cash flow.

Clear graphical reports

5. the sales tax / VAT is already accounted for.

Just like the items, the sales tax is also automatically accounted for. The rates vary by industry and country and can be entered freely. If a VAT rate is assigned to an expense account, everything that is booked to it will be charged to it. The VAT report shows the VAT due. The total is sent to the authorities and the VAT accounting is done.

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View the sales tax report in the reports section.

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