File attachments and file manager

CashCtrl PRO has a file manager with which files can be uploaded and saved in CashCtrl. With this, files such as PDFs of receipts can be attached to bookings, documents, articles, persons, etc.. The files are stored exclusively on servers in Switzerland.

1. File manager

In the file manager all files are organized. The File Manager shows an overview of all files available in CashCtrl. Imported vCard and camt files are also stored. Files can be sorted, modified, deleted and assigned to new categories.

The column with the checkmark indicates if a file is used somewhere. If a file is deleted it is in the recycle bin and can be definitely deleted with "Empty recycle bin".

File upload in CashCtrl

2. Upload files

Option 1: One or more files can be dragged directly into the File Manager window.

Option 2: Individual data can be entered via "Add" in the upload dialog. There you can also enter a description and further information.

CashCtrl recognizes the file and shows the corresponding icon.

Almost uploaded file

3. File viewer

Double-click on a file to open the detail view. The original file is displayed (if possible). The arrows at the bottom right can be used to jump to the next file.

This is how the file viewer looks like.

4. Attach documents and files

Files can be attached to almost anywhere using the paperclip icon. A file can be uploaded directly or an existing one can be selected. Click on it and select the option.

Any number of files can be attached.

Attach files

5. attach vouchers directly to entries

If you have to do a lot of manual posting, it may be easier to attach the receipts directly. Using drag and drop, the file of the voucher can simply be dragged into the booking dialog. This way it will be attached automatically.

Drag documents directly to the posting dialog to attach them.

6. Remove attachments

If files are attached, the paper clip icon is marked. Attached files can be removed again via the X icon. The file is not deleted, but only the link.

Detach a file in CashCtrl.