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Free accounting for scholars and university students

Are you a scholar or a university student and want (need?) to keep accounts? Your budget is probably tight and you can’t invest a great deal of money in expensive accounting software. CashCtrl’s online accounting software will provide you with a wide range of features and impress you with its many benefits. And it’s free.

Your benefits at a glance:

Easy to use. CashCtrl’s user interface is intuitive to use, easy to understand, and you can get started right away, even as a beginner.

Realistic. Thanks to CashCtrl, you will quickly understand the ABCs of accounting and see the effect bookkeeping can have right away. Very little previous knowledge is needed.

International accounting standards. CashCtrl can share internationally valid accounting content with other accounting programmes. Thanks to its universal structure, customised workflows and documents can be produced.

Group work. CashCtrl makes group work in the accounting field fun.

Attractive price. The free version is – and will remain – free of charge. As a scholar or university student, you will receive a 50% discount on the comprehensive PRO version with enhanced features.

The bottom line: CashCtrl – the perfect accounting software for scholars and university students

You’ll be impressed by its practical design, along with its ease of use and attractive price – this is the way to dive into the world of accounting! Sign up today!

Inexpensive accounting for lecturers

Are you a lecturer for an accounting course? CashCtrl offers you a great tool for interactive learning.

Benefits for teachers and lecturers at a glance:

Easy to use. The CashCtrl software is easy to understand. Thanks to the clean user interface, students will quickly understand what is going on, which allows them to spend their time in class focusing on accounting aspects.

Interactive, demonstrative teaching. The software is very practice-oriented, so the lessons are illustrative. Your students will learn a whole new approach to accounting.

Platform independence. CashCtrl’s software is platform independent and works with most web browsers. All that users need is a computer with an Internet connection.

Swiss made. CashCtrl is developed in and operated from Switzerland. A Swiss quality product backed by a dedicated support team.

50%. The FREE version of CashCtrl is, and will remain, free of charge. Educators receive a 50% discount on the enhanced PRO version. All benefits of the PRO version.

The bottom line: CashCtrl - the perfect accounting software for lecturers

With CashCtrl, you can make your lessons exciting and interactive – it will be easy to get your students interested in accounting. The ease of use, together with a high level of functionality, make it easier for you to teach. Sign up today.

Alternatively, CashCtrl also offers a course management version, which is designed for working with school classes.

What others say about CashCtrl

«As an SME, we have spent a long time looking for a suitable online accounting solution that is both functional and affordable. We found what we were looking for in CashCtrl and are highly impressed by the software!»

— Martin Meli (AutoHelvetia)

«I want to thank you very much for the service you provide. A fantastically simple implementation that meets all my needs completely.»

— Lukas Ulrich (Conscentia)

«Your software is absolutely incredible and I'm very, very grateful to you for this service.»

— Sebastian Portillo (Portillo Entertainment)

«I am absolutely blown away using your software (so far only the free version).»

— Thomas Köppel

«Greetings from Uri. PS. Your programme rocks.»

— Bruno Müller (Legend 1291)

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