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The perfect bookkeeping software for small business owners. Grow with us.

As an owner of a small business, you devote all your energy and time to your business. For the (unpleasant?) accounting there is neither much time, nor budget. CashCtrl offers you the perfect solution – a great bunch of useful features, in a reduced design, completely independent of time and place, whenever you want. The fast software ensures easy operation.

Depending on your needs, we recommend the CashCtrl FREE version, which is completely free, or you can opt for the Pro version. For the attractive price of CHF 290 per year additional functions are available.

What is CashCtrl?

CashCtrl is an online accounting software package. Developed and hosted in Switzerland, CashCtrl offers everything to make your bookkeeping successful - intuitive, location- and time-independent. The icing on the cake is the fast, error-free software. For free in the FREE Version, or for only CHF 290 per year as a Pro Version.

Which functions does CashCtrl provide in the FREE Version?

CashCtrl offers a wide range of services. The most important functions for small businesses in the free version include double-entry bookkeeping, address and personal administration and accounting.

Double-entry bookkeeping

Double-entry accounting is of the utmost importance in the financial accounting of the private sector. And indispensable for you as a small business owner.

Address and Personal administration

Networking is fundamental for small business owners. Structurally managed, you will find what you are looking for – also thanks to useful filters.


Simply and efficiently managed, provided with your own logo on request and filed as a PDF - making the billing process enjoyable.

The added value of CashCtrl

A competent team is present for you at all times, answers your questions and concerns, strives to make CashCtrl better and better.

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More features in the PRO version

Order processing

Edit quotes, delivery notes and invoices, create your own individual workflow.

User and role management

Working with different users with CashCtrl? No problem! In the Pro version, you can assign different rights to multiple users.

Foreign currencies

Create accounts in different currencies, make payments in foreign currencies – exchange rates are adjusted automatically.

Document sending by e-mail

You can send invoices and other documents directly from the program to customers via e-mail – this saves paper, effort and money.

Custom document templates

Use HTML and CSS editor to design your individual invoices as well as your personal stationery.

Custom fields

Create your own additional fields, according to your needs and as many as you like.

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All PRO features

Why is CashCtrl the right thing for me as a small business owner?

As a small business owner, you need an accounting tool that keeps your finances under control and is easy to use. CashCtrl provides you with the necessary competencies.

In addition, as a small business owner, your time is probably a scarce commodity. Keeping the bookkeeping online allows you independence of time & place, thus saving you time. In addition, CashCtrl in the Free version is completely free, which spares your budget – a convincing solution for your SME!

What are the benefits of CashCtrl over other online accounting programs?

CashCtrl is developed and hosted in Switzerland, a fact reflected in the high quality of the product. This is complemented by competent customer service - we take you and your feedback very seriously. We endeavour to constantly develop and promote CashCtrl together with you.

CashCtrl offers an incredible range of features even in the Free version. If these are not enough for your purposes, the Pro version offers even more tools to do the bookkeeping professionally and quickly.

I want CashCtrl. How do I proceed?

Congratulations on choosing CashCtrl!

Just sign up for free. You can then upgrade to PRO from within the application anytime.

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Are you unsure which version suits you? Contact us, we’ll be pleased to help you.

Whichever option you choose, with CashCtrl your bookkeeping is done quickly and easily. CashCtrl the perfect bookkeeping software for small business owners.