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Book-keeping - digital nomads style

The world is your home? Do you prefer working on the beach, in an airplane or a coworking space under palm trees? Then you’ll need a webbased bookkeeping software that works exactly like you - independent, flexible and free. An online bookkeeping software is the solution for all digital nomads.

Six reasons why our bookkeeping software is awesome for dn’s

  1. Independent: As a digital nomad, your life is not bound to place and time. This lifestyle works as long as your tools work the same way. Having a meeting with your accountant at the city is unsuitable if your traveling around the globe most of the time.
  2. Costs: Start to work independently means keeping your running costs as low as possible. The fewest digital nomads have a budget including expensive councils. Working with a free online bookkeeping tool is the way to go. Should your requirements increase, you can always switch to PRO.
  3. Flexibility: Your bookkeeping software is always ready! No matter if it's in the middle of the night, a holiday or sunday. Whenever you're up, your software is too. Biggest possible freedom for digital nomads.
  4. Contacting us: If you're struggeling or having a request. If you're missing a feature, our support is there for you and answers to your technical questions as soon as possible. Our goal is to help you working online as good as possible.
  5. No paper: With a software as a service, there are no paper piles, all documents are stored digitally. That comes in handy if you have to catch the next ship, bus, camel, horse, airplane, taxi, ride. Print less, save the environment.
  6. Save time with automation: Bookkeeping does not have to be connected with boredom. Nevertheless not many digital nomads wan't to spend time on bookkeeping. But hey - relax. Most features work automatically and don't need to be done manually. Thank to this you can focus on your work-life-balance.

Who needs an online bookkeeping software?

You know best: Working online is a must if you travel around as a digital nomad. No matter if you're in a coworking space on the countryside or downtown, working in a coffee place.

As a youtuber, blogger, social media marketing pro, content creater, translater, graphic designer, photographer or software engineer around the world - CashCtrl is your perfect business partner.

You're not sure if this tool fits you? It's free, try it - you have nothing to lose.

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