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The online accounting software for families

By the time the end of the month comes around, families often ask themselves, “Where does all our money go?”. That question is easy to answer if receipts are kept and expenditures are recorded over an extended period of time. This makes it easy to see where money can be saved. In order to reduce the effort required as far as possible, it makes sense to use accounting software. With the CashCtrl online accounting application, you can keep your family finances under control!

Budget management: Where does the money go?

It has never been as easy as it these days to be able to afford so much as a family: attractive instalment and leasing offers tempt you into spending money. Whether household appliances, cars or furniture, everything seems affordable. But the low prices are deceiving; payment by instalments takes time and can bring families into financial trouble faster than expected. In order to avoid finding the household kitty empty, it is important to critically question one’s own consumer behaviour and to keep records of family expenditure. This means money burners can be recognised straight away, and in the end, there is more money left for the family.

An online household account helps save money

Running a household is like running a business. As is the case with a company, a family should not lose track of monthly income and expenditures. If the income is higher than the expenses, the family can book a profit. In the opposite case, the bottom line is negative – which means a loss. At this point, keeping digital household accounts can help monitor expenditures. It’s even better to avoid such unpleasant surprises, thanks to online accounting.

Benefits for families at a glance

The CashCtrl software is widely used. Developed and hosted in Switzerland, it is suitable for private individuals, as well as for clubs and SMEs. The accounting system is fully customisable, and the automatic reports show an up-to-date picture of the situation. Online accounting software makes accounting fun, and the family budget can be stuck to easily. The benefits:

Save money

Start saving right away! With the free version of CashCtrl, you can rely on top-quality software free of charge. Why buy expensive programmes when you have this convincing alternative!?

Location and device independent

CashCtrl can be accessed from any device, from anywhere. With the PRO version, several users can access the same account; alternatively, you can use the free version and share a login.

Can be used by laymen

You might ask yourself whether an online accounting application is also suitable for use by laymen. The answer is a resounding “Yes!”. CashCtrl is clear and simply structured yet has a large number of features. Income and expenditures can be easily recorded, and the look and feel are attractive. Very little previous knowledge is required to use it.


CashCtrl was entirely developed in Switzerland and is also hosted there. All data are treated as strictly confidential and even the backups are stored only on Swiss servers.


Do you have any issues or concerns? Our dedicated support team will be happy to help you further, and you will find like-minded people, with whom you can exchange ideas, in our forum.

The bottom line: Families benefit from online accounting

Family expenditures quickly add up: rent, food, clothing, insurance, hobbies, holidays... everything must be paid for. This makes it all the more important that the money burners are discovered and eliminated as early as possible.

Keeping accounts online helps families to keep their finances under control. Trends can be easily identified, and the bottom line is that more money will be available at the end of the month. You can access your accounts no matter where you are or which device you are using. And completely free of charge. CashCtrl helps families to save money – now take the first step and start accounting online today!

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