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Offers for educational institutes and course providers

Bookkeeping software for tuitors, teachers, instructors. Reliable, resistant and individually configurable. Reduce effort and costs with a solution from CashCtrl.


Easy start for participants


Explain financial accounting and not the software

A course about financial accounting should be about financial accounting and not about how to use the software. CashCtrl is built with that in mind. The UI is simple and clear and needs just a minimum amount of time to explain.

With its generic structure our application suits a lot of different business areas. The different sections are consistent, obvious an easily accessible.

If required, a detailed documentation is provided.

Less administrative effort

You as the administrator can provide the students with sample bookkeeping data which is copied from a template. An invitation with the login data can be sent to participants in advance.

Every student account has its own database, the student only sees his own data. The admin, however, can oversee all the databases with his account.

At the end of the course the student accounts can be separated from the admin's account, and the students can continue to use their free account later on.


Infrastructure is already there


Simple and compatible

CashCtrl is platform independent and runs in your web browser on Windows, Mac OSX or Linux, requires just an internet connection and does not need to be installed. A regular workstation, connected to the internet, is more than enough to work with the software. Costs and efforts can be kept very low. CashCtrl runs on servers in Switzerland and is maintained and extended constantly.

Updates are automatic and free, e-mail support is provided by us.

Contact us

Are you interested as a school teacher to work with CashCtrl and use it for lessons/classes? Send us a request, we'll get in touch with you.



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