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Order processing & financial accounting as a web application for educational institutions and course providers. Promoting entrepreneurship, arousing interest.

Rely on CashCtrl just like Berne University of Applied Sciences (HAFL). Optimised for you as a lecturer.

As a lecturer, you teach, e.g., entrepreneurship and are preparing your students to found a company, think economically, plan, implement a business idea, possibly lead employees, or what it means to prepare an annual financial statement. You teach them the necessary know-how to be successful in business and to pursue their goals.

Financial accounting software such as CashCtrl is ideal to realistically demonstrate such processes and implement them with students as part of the Skills Labs. Postings and their effects are shown directly, invoice documents, cash flow, key figures, and profit targets can be continuously discussed through reports and you, as a lecturer/coach, have constant insight into the databases until the end of the project.

How it works

CashCtrl is a web-based accounting software with order processing functionality and works with all current browsers. The only requirement is that computers have Internet access. As a course provider, you create exercise templates and sample bookkeeping, invite the students and let them work on the accounting individually or in groups. By logging in, you have access to all projects and can also intervene.

Best of all – at the end of a module, the projects can be given to the students as databases that are independent of the school and can be continued on CashCtrl. All the work that flows into a start-up is retained and does not have to be transferred.


  • No infrastructure and installation required (runs in browser)
  • Available in German and English
  • Simple course management with user administration
  • Insight into all projects as a lecturer
  • Creation of personal templates/examples
  • Option of group or individual work
  • New functionalities are constantly introduced
  • We provide your induction on site
  • Personal support
  • The school version always offers all available options on CashCtrl
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We are proud to have found a partner in HAFL that is fully committed to a Swiss software solution and is constantly looking to provide its students with new opportunities. This is what Prof. Lorenz Probst, Head of Minor Management & Leadership, says:

«We use CashCtrl in our Entrepreneurship Skills Lab; students already have previous knowledge of financial accounting and can use the tool quickly and productively with minimal instruction. The tool offers much more than ‘just’ accounting, which is why we like to use it to support start-up projects. Students can work independently, regardless of location or device. Contact and use are made very easy for lecturers.»

— Prof. Lorenz Probst, Head of Minor Management & Leadership

Using CashCtrl is inexpensive, even for small schools – we are more than happy to send you a non-binding offer. Please contact Raphael Amport at

For the school's support/IT manager

CashCtrl is web-based and runs on a server in Switzerland – backups are also only stored in Switzerland. Maintenance, updates, and installations on your part are never required as the server always runs the latest version. Hopefully, you won’t mind us reducing your workload.

Your opinion is important to us

As somebody at the forefront of education – your opinion is paramount. We are always open to input and suggestions for improvement. We are constantly in touch with our customers and continuously work on programme enhancements.



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