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Online accounting for clubs and societies

People with common interests meet regularly in their free time and form clubs and societies. Whether for amateur chefs, stamp collectors or footballers, clubs are as popular as they are varied. Clubs have an uncomplicated legal form and are funded by membership fees, private subsidies and state support. In most cases, non-profit organisations are not run by accountants – so it is even more important to have a comprehensive tool which allows non-accountants to achieve professional results. CashCtrl simplifies club accounting – free of charge!

Club accounting - what you need to know

Regulations for clubs and societies are laid out in the Swiss Civil Code. Unlike public limited companies or limited companies, the purpose of a club’s activity is not to make a profit. Many more like-minded people pursue their hobbies in such clubs, without wanting to commit to an economic duty. Nevertheless, the exercise of the club’s activities entails various financial obligations. Clubs can also have income and expenditures, as well as assets at their disposal. So, it makes sense to keep accounts – and suitable accounting software is a must.

Accounting obligations for clubs and non-profit organisations

According to Art 69(a) of the Swiss Civil Code, clubs and societies are legally obliged to keep accounts and the executive committee is responsible for this task. The provisions of the Swiss Code of Obligations concerning bookkeeping and accounting apply mutatis mutandis. Most clubs are not required to be inscribed in the commercial register, so it is enough to keep accounts of income, expenses and assets – simple accounting is sufficient.

CashCtrl – the ideal accounting partner for clubs, societies and non-profit organisations

To ensure that the association’s accounts add up and there are no surprises to be expected, suitable accounting software should be used. This simplifies the administration for the treasurer as well as the club’s accounting, saving a lot of time.

With CashCtrl, the browser-based online accounting system, clubs can work from anywhere. Whether invoicing, recording payments, or managing member data, everything can be handled online whenever there is time. CashCtrl simplifies the management of club accounting: The accounting software is intuitive to use, and hardly any previous knowledge is necessary. Thanks to the simple, intuitive usability, bookkeeping is done quickly and there is more time to enjoy part-taking in the club activities. Try it out!

Benefits of CashCtrl at a glance

  • CashCtrl is available in a free version at no cost.
  • CashCtrl is 100% Swiss made.
  • CashCtrl is intuitive to use – no previous knowledge is required.
  • CashCtrl can manage any non-profit organisation - simply, quickly and professionally.
  • CashCtrl simplifies club accounting for the treasurer.
  • CashCtrl simplifies the management of the club’s address book.
  • CashCtrl offers a forum with a friendly community and many functions, even in the free version.

The bottom line: CashCtrl - your tool for club accounting

Maintaining the club’s accounts shouldn’t take up too much time – after all, the club is focussed on different things. Accounting tools must be used to get the bookkeeping done as quickly as possible. CashCtrl offers clubs a powerful tool to handle the accounting correctly and only takes a reasonable amount of time. Whether income, expenditures, the financial situation or address management, CashCtrl ensures that your accounts are in order. Simple, intuitive, and secure.

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