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Reports / financial analysis

The reports in our accounting software are always up-to-date. Every entry you make is immediately included in the reports.

As well as analyses throughout the year, CashCtrl also offers annual financial statements. Record depreciation, transfer VAT and finish the accounting period with just a few clicks. After closing, the annual report with the balance sheet and income statement can be downloaded as a PDF file.

Throughout the year, you can evaluate your sales with the aid of reports titled “revenue per customer”, create a balance list or customise a report with account statements. Overviews of open accounts both receivable and payable are also available.

Keep your finances under control, set yourself goals, and view your situation at any time. CashCtrl offers real time reports such as "revenue per customer” and many more.

Here is a quick glimpse of some of the reports that are available free of charge:

Sales tax

The sales tax report helps you with settlements for sales and value-added tax.

Open accounts receivable and payable

These two reports continuously generate a list of outstanding invoices with the relevant invoice numbers. The open documents are grouped according to customer/supplier.

Balance list

The balance list is a simple report that shows the balances of selected (or all) accounts. Account fields can be entered using a 1000:1999 format and or individual accounts can be entered in a comma-separated format. Like any report element, balance lists can also be listed in multiples and configured in different ways.

Revenue by customer / expense by vendor

This makes it easy to compile a list of top customers or suppliers. You can specify how many entries the list contains.

Result by articles

Use this report to evaluate which items you have sold and how many, or to see how many units of a service you were able to offset.

Compile and customise reports

To ensure flexible reporting, you have sets of reports that you can compile yourself. This means you can easily create a customised report without using a word processor which you can then send to third parties (e.g. the annual report for the tax authorities or shareholders).

The elements can be added to a set and dragged and dropped into the desired order.