What are the benefits of the QR invoice?

The QR invoice creates a basis for more efficient payment transactions for all parties involved. From recording to paying the invoice, every process is easier and more time-saving. Data errors can be reduced to a minimum with continuous references.

Advantages for billers

  • Invoicing in swiss francs and euros
  • Simplified payment reconciliation, significantly less manual effort
  • Electronic transmission of all payment information


Advantages for invoice recipients

  • Simplified invoice processing, less manual effort
  • Simple acquisition through readers and smartphones.
  • All payment information integrated in the Swiss QR Code.
  • Increased automation in the accounts payable process. Improved data in standardized form.
  • Fewer errors during reading.
  • All payment relevant data from the Swiss QR Code scanable.
  • Continuously automated payment references from the ordering party to the recipient.
  • Digital and voucher-based
  • The QR invoice supports both: digital payments, payments by post or post office counter.

What to do that your company can benefit from the QR invoice?

With your visit to us you have already taken the first step: Rely on an accounting software that is QR-ready. Now is the best time to contact your payment transaction partners. So that you can ensure that the planning and conversion work is completed by 30 June 2020.

With CashCtrl the conversion is very simple. The QR invoice according to ISO20022 is already available as a document template and only needs to be selected. Apart from the account details, you do not need to make any settings. #ReallyQR-ready just like that.


What software costs are incurred with the QR invoice?

From CashCtrl none. The QR invoice is available in all CashCtrl versions as a free function.

Are deposits at the post office counter and payment orders at the bank still possible?

This will continue to be possible. Receipt slips for confirming inpayments will be available at the post office counter. It will also still be possible to make inpayments using the red and orange inpayment slips. An end date with regard to use has not yet been set.

Are neutral inpayment slips still available?

PostFinance will offer an alternative for inpayments without QR invoice at the post office counter at postal agencies or branches with partners.

Three Types of QR invoice

QR-IBAN and QR Reference
The QR Reference has the same structure as the ESR reference, and must be used in conjunction with the QR-IBAN. The QR-IBAN has a special label to identifying the payment procedure.

IBAN and Creditor Reference
The Creditor Reference is used in conjunction with the IBAN.
It’s an ISO standard that is also used for SEPA payment

IBAN without reference
For bank transfers without a reference.

With friendly permission

On behalf of the Swiss financial institutions, SIX Interbank Clearing disseminates via PaymentStandards.CH the mandatory standards for the players in Swiss payment traffic, coordinates an efficient communication and facilitates access to the relevant information for all stakeholders.