Draw up final balance sheet I + II

Closing Balance Sheet I and Closing Balance Sheet II differ in the date of the profit entry. Both balance sheet presentations can be created in the CashCtrl FIBU.

The closing balance sheet is part of the financial statements. In the closing balance sheet, the various accounts are closed at the end of the accounting period and the final amounts are transferred to the balance sheet.

What is a Final Balance I?

It shows the balance sheet before profit/loss appropriation.
The Closing Balance Sheet I is used to compare different financial years. This provides an overview of completed years and how successful the company has been. It is particularly suitable for sole proprietorships and general partnerships.

What is a Final Balance II?

This is the presentation of the balance sheet after profit/loss posting. Closing balance sheet I and II are identical up to the annual accounts before the profit/loss is booked. Profit/loss is therefore entered at the end of the current accounting period (usually 31.12.). The closing balance sheet II is virtually the same as the opening balance sheet of the next period. In order to display the Closing balance sheet II, the annual accounts are first drawn up and the profit or loss is entered.

Note: Limited liability companies (LLC) and public limited companies (AG) usually book their profit/loss after a General Meeting (AGM) in January of the following year, which means that for them the closing balance sheets I and II remain identical and there is no difference. Which of the two columns you then show is irrelevant.

Display closing balance sheet I in CashCtrl

Closing balance sheet I must be set in the balance sheet report, closing balance sheet II (after profit­appropriation) is set as standard. Under Reports Annual Report Balance Sheet you can access the evaluation. In the column menu columns can be shown or hidden and dragged to the desired position by mouse.

Image shows the final balance I in CashCtrl

Display closing balance sheet II in CashCtrl

The Closing Balance Sheet II is already set as default setting in the Balance Sheet Report. Closing balance sheet II is shown with a date(II) in the column header.

Simply close the accounting period first and enter the profit/loss.

Image shows the final balance I in CashCtrl