Design invoices and documents yourself

Put your own designs in the background. To enable PDF documents that are close to the CI/CD of the company, A4-PDF documents can be uploaded. These are then placed in the background and overlaid with text.

CashCtrl offers several functions for personalizing the document design. Different fonts can be selected or font sizes can be set. With CashCtrl PRO adjustments are also possible with HTML/CSS. With the stationery option a pre-designed PDF can be loaded into the background.

Templates with the icon cannot be changed. Copy the template first.

1. Add graphical background

An A4 PDF with two yellow elements is to be placed in the background to increase the recognition value of the sent invoices. Select the file in the stationery tab and upload it. That is already.

The PDF file may have a maximum size of 400 KB.

2. Position logo left/right

If you only want to change the orientation of the logo in a template, proceed as follows: Copy the document template and open the CSS editor. The following code:

header img.logo {
    left: 2cm; }


header img.logo {
    right: 2cm; }

3. Select another font

In the CSS tab you can also select a different font for the document. By marking the font in the code and then selecting the new one in the dropdown fonts, the name is replaced and the new font is applied.
The size of the font can be influenced by increasing/decreasing font: 13pt. Just try it out, nothing can go wrong.

Now save the template, select and refresh it.