Book additional revenue

It happens that invoices are paid with too much money. The overpaid amount can be refunded by a credit note or - if it was intentional, i.e. a tip or a donation - the surplus must be booked as so-called additional revenue. This is quite simple with an booking template.

The scenario

We assume that an invoice for 90.- was issued and 100.- is transferred. Where to put the 10.- tip? The tool is a booking template.

1. Create a book entry template

In the order overview, go to the relevant category via Configure, in our example Invoices. Add a new book entry template in the tab Book entry templates, give it a relevant name and set the account where the additional revenue should be booked. As a standard, the account is 3600 Other trading revenue.

Screenshot of adding a posting template

2. Book payment

The payment of 100.- is entered normally via next step -> Paid -> Add payment. Via the dropdown More -> Book entries the book entries that belong to the order can be viewed. Here you can see the discrepancy of 10.- in the lower right corner, because -10 are "open".

To eliminate the discrepancy, the additional revenue is booked in the next step.




Screenshot of the book entry overview belonging to the order

3. Book additional revenue

The additional revenue of 10.- can be entered either in the booking dossier (More -> Bookings -> Add) or in the order overview Next step -> Additional revenue.

The tip or the amount of the additional income must be negative in order to balance the debtor account in height of the overcharged amount.

Screenshot of adding the book entry of the additional revenue

4. Balanced result

As soon as the book entry of the additional revenue has been entered, the "balance" in the booking overview of the order is balanced and no more open amount is shown.

Screenshot of the booking overview for the order with balanced result due to the booked additional revenue