Additional fields can be entered in the same way in the areas journal (postings), accounts, articles, services, assets, orders and persons. Here a file attachment for an article picture is to be created.

First enter an additional field under Settings/Additional fields/Article.


Select Text box and create a new tab if required. We choose the name Documents. Maybe you have a manual or a warranty document as PDF that you want to link. Confirm with Save and switch back to the article.


The additional field with the ID "$customField13" visible in the additional fields list, appears in the new tab. Enter the desired URL for the article. It is important that only the URL is in the field. So it is clickable in the overview afterwards. Confirm again with Save and switch to the article overview.


Back in the inventory the additional field is not yet visible. Show it via the column menu. With Drag and Drop you can drag the column to the desired position.

Et voilà - The file is directly clickable, from CashCtrl. All additional fields can thus be displayed in the overview.

The goal is to offer an integrated file solution, also exclusively on Swiss servers. We are still working on that. We will be able to tell you more after mid-year (March 2020), when a possible release date will be.