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Online business management and accounting for SME, accountants and freelancers.

Online 24/7 and 365 days.

Software as a Service.

100% Swiss Made.

Accounting in a new way.

More than just accounting.

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Clear, well-arranged and tidy user interface, very easy to use. Get started right away without having to brachiate through menu jungles.


Quick and fluid working with suggestions, auto-fill and keyboard navigation. Use fulltext search, filters and sorting to have your data firmly under control.



Come and write in the new forum.

Help / Motivation / Exchange / Suggestions

CashCtrl Forum




The FREE version of CashCtrl stays free forever.

Swiss Made

The software is 100% developed and operated in Switzerland.


256-bit SSL-encryption and server location in Switzerland.

Access from anywhere

From your office, in the train or from home — you can access your data from anywhere.

Platform independence

Runs in your web browser and works on most operating systems.

Satisfied customers

«Wir benutzen CashCtrl für die Buch­haltung unserer Einzel­firma. Die Software lässt sich einfach und intuitiv bedienen. Zudem sind die Daten orts­unabhängig über das Internet überall verfügbar.»

— Hans-Peter Lässer (Claudia Lässer Productions)

«Ich finde Ihr Produkt sehr gut und einfach zu bedienen. Super­job den Ihr macht.»

— Erich Grossniklaus (

«Danke für die super Webapp! Herrliche Sache and keep up the good work!»

— Francis Larkin (Skyworx)




... and more

We continuously work on the improvement of the software. To see our current targets please visit the Roadmap.


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Financial accounting
Address administration
Articles and fixed assets
Order processing
Multi-client capability
User & role management
Foreign currencies
Send documents by mail
Your own document templates
Your own custom fields
Number of users / organizations 1 / 1 5 / 3
Price per year CHF 0.– CHF 290.–
Each additional user CHF 45.– / year
Each additional organization CHF 25.– / year

50% discount for NPOs, educational institutes, teachers and students (on request, with proof).

Other prices:

  • Services (e.g. training / workshops) CHF 170.– / h
  • Document template CHF 250.– flat
  • E-mail support free of charge
  • Phone support currently not available

All prices have VAT included.

CashCtrl PRO is prepaid, there is no automatic subscription renewal.

Your payment options to upgrade to PRO:

VISA Mastercard American Express Bitcoin

Overview of all CashCtrl features






CashCtrl is being developed continuously. We work to facilitate your work as much as possible.

Ideas, criticism and suggestions for improvement are always welcome. As a customer you have the chance to bring in your own ideas because we are keen on optimizing CashCtrl further and further.

For example, do you need a new report that CashCtrl doesn't provide yet? Let us know, there is a good chance that we'll implement it. We like to facilitate your work!

Upcoming features:

New reports (Cashflow, operating figures, various charts, and more)

Planned release:

Continuously until April 2018 (every report is released immediately)

Change Log

February 15th, 2018

Release 1.6.8, Highlights:
- Advanced organization management
- CashCtrl house advertising removed in order document email (PRO)
- Inactive people / articles are now displayed in reports, optionally hideable
- Various bug fixes (16)

November 28th, 2017

Release 1.6.3, Highlights:
- Example reports pre-configured
- Custom fields now also for Journal and Accounts (PRO)
- Multiple totals calculated when selecting entries
- New field for articles: Bin location
- Title/Salutation now multilingual, plus new field: Gender
- Title/Salutation is now being imported/exported with vCards
- Long address of organization now breaks to new-line in document window
- Text item in orders now allows rich text (with placeholders)
- Various bug fixes

November 1st, 2017

Release 1.6.0, New report system:
- Reports are now interactive (only PDF before)
- Report compilations (sets)
- Excel and CSV export (PRO)
- Hierarchical reports (drill-down)
- Show/hide columns, change order, sort
- New report: Chart of accounts
- New report: Result by articles (replaces Revenue by articles)
- New time period menu, e.g. to quickly select quarters with 2 clicks
- Title for every report overridable, hideable
- Enter optional texts for every report (with placeholders)
- Optional page break for every report
- Various bug fixes

July 18th, 2017

The forum has been released:

May 7th, 2017

Release 1.5.19, Highlights:
- Roundings for orders
- Display of gross or net prices directly configurable in the document (instead of the document template)
- Document template Swiss Post ES: Recipient address now on deposit slip, items now on the first page
- Debit and credit can now be switched with one click in a book entry
- Various bug fixes

April 23rd, 2017

Release 1.5.18, Highlights:
- Prices for articles and order items no longer restricted to 2 decimals (up to 8 decimals possible)
- Prices for articles can be entered as either gross or net
- Various bug fixes

April 16th, 2017

Release 1.5.17, Highlights:
- Import/Export of vCards for People
- New fields for People: Department, Date of birth
- Document templates: Document title and page numbers can now be hidden
- Various bug fixes

Older entries



How may we help you?

FAQ Introduction Documentation Forum API

If you don't find what you're looking for just contact us.




Can I use CashCtrl without previous knowledge?

To do your accounting with CashCtrl, basic accounting knowledge is required, particularly about double-entry bookkeeping.

What system requirements does CashCtrl have?

Since CashCtrl is purely an online software (software-as-a-service), there are only requirements for the web browser used:

Chrome 50 or higher, Firefox 45 or higher, Edge 25 or higher, IE 11 or higher, Safari 8 or higher.

Mobile browsers (on iOS, Android, etc.) are not supported currently. CashCtrl is functioning on mobile browsers, but without guarantee.

In which countries and languages is CashCtrl available?

CashCtrl is available worldwide.

The following languages are currently supported:

User interface: English, German

Documents: English, German, French, Italian

How secure is CashCtrl? Could my data get lost or stolen?

We take the security of your data very seriously. The entire communication between your PC and the server is encrypted with 256-bit SSL.

Passwords are stored with strong encryption and are secure against Rainbow Tables. When a user tries to login for 5 times without success, he is blocked for 15 minutes, making Brute Force impossible.

Furthermore every organization has it's own database and thus no access to other organization's data.

Security holes like e.g. SQL Injection or XSS have no chance in CashCtrl.

We backup your data daily and keep the backups for 7 days.

Where is my data stored?

The location of our server is in Switzerland.

Do I always have to be connected to the internet to be able to use CashCtrl?

Yes, a constant internet connection is required while you're using CashCtrl. However, CashCtrl informs you if the internet connection is interrupted.

I signed up - why don't I receive a confirmation mail?

The confirmation mail should arrive within a minute at the latest. If this is not the case, please first check if you entered the e-mail address correctly. Also, please check your spam folder. If the mail didn't land there, then please contact us via the contact form.

How is CashCtrl developed further?

We continuously work on CashCtrl to optimize the software and introduce new features. You can follow our planned enhancements under Roadmap.

Does the software remain free of charge?

All the features that are available for free today will remain so in the future.

The software is developed further continuously, and while most new features will also be offered for free, specific advanced features will be reserved for the PRO account.

Also, the free version will only ever allow one user per organization, while PRO accounts have a user management interface. Of course, you can upgrade easily at any time.

How can I upgrade to CashCtrl PRO?

You can do this directly from within the application. Simply click in the welcome screen on «Upgrade to PRO». Or alternatively under «Settings Upgrade to PRO».

If you don't have an account, yet, sign up for the FREE version and upgrade afterwards.

Is the PRO subscription automatically renewed after a year?


CashCtrl PRO is prepaid; you always pay a year in advance. The subscription is not automatically renewed.

One month before the subscription expires you'll receive an invoice by e-mail. If you don't pay this invoice, your account is simply deactivated. However, you can still login and renew the subscription anytime or downgrade back to FREE.

Is there a cancellation period for the PRO subscription?

No, see the previous question.

I have more specific questions that aren't answered here - where can I ask them?

Contact us via the contact form and we try to answer your question as soon as possible. For a support request you can also use the function «Request support» within the application itself.

You've convinced me, where can I sign up?

We're pleased to hear this! You can do that right here:


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First steps with CashCtrl

With the following explanations about the first steps you'll get familiar with CashCtrl quickly and can get started with booking right away.

More comprehensive help you'll find in the manual inside the application.

  1. Upload logo
  2. Manage accounts
  3. Manage contacts
  4. Create opening entries
  5. Booking with shortcuts
  6. Manage inventory
  7. Create and send invoices
  8. Search, filter and auto-fill
  9. View reports
  10. Set targets / budgets
  11. Perform year-end closing


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